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Turning Joe Public into brand ambassadors

Providing your goods and/or services takes time and dedication. There is no such thing as a short day. Most business owners do not have the luxury to manage their business communications because they are neck deep in the day-to-day operations of running their companies and caring for their customers.

The same can be said for nonprofits, an environment where team members are asked to do more with less.

A lack of communication and engagement can chase potential customers, supporters and stakeholders away and cause an organization to lose their most precious resource. Studies have shown that most Americans want to have trusted relationships with businesses they patronize, and nonprofits they support. They want something beyond just the transaction.

McDunnden has the capability to take your business or nonprofit to the next level by providing world-class communications support and turning customers into brand ambassadors. Whatever your business needs, McDunnden can leverage viable, proven solutions to make your business a household name.  

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McDunnden is Your Communications Multipurpose Tool

Everyone is different and has different needs. Are you a CEO of a small company who needs a one-time speech written for you to address your peers at a conference, or maybe you need a ghost-written article with your byline for your LinkedIn profile or for some other publication? McDunnden can deliver.

Are you looking to position yourself in your community as a subject matter expert in a particular field or draw attention to your non-profit? McDunnden can make that happen.

Need an employee manual written but don't have a writer on staff? Been there, done that.

Do you want to create how-to videos to teach your customers some preventive maintenance techniques? Video is McDunnden's middle name.

Do you own a nursery and are you interested in writing a weekly blog about gardening? McDunnden's thumbs are green. In fact, Steve's 2004 blog written during his deployment to Iraq is considered the first official U.S. military blog published. Blogs not only help your customers, but they have great SEO value. 

Have you thought about hosting social media contests but find you're too busy running your food truck? Well, #gotyoucovered.

McDunnden has a lot of creative ways to get you organically interacting with customers and it will all appear seamless to your customers and your communities. Our public-facing strategies shine the light on you. All they will see and hear will be your organization's voice and message.

The point is, businesses and nonprofits that engage their audiences, keep their customers and supporters, and in the process, find new ones.

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Introductory Consultation

Looking to grow your organizational brand, but not sure where to start? Does it seem that other businesses and nonprofits are always in the spotlight no matter how hard you try? Woudn't it be great if you had the time to share your expertise with your community and with your customers? Imagine interacting with your audience on a regular basis beyond the transactional relationship most businesses have with their customers.

McDunnden Communications can help you communicate to the masses, or to a targeted group, by using proactive engagement that brings your business or nonprofit, no matter how big or small, into the forefront of your community.

McDunnden can guide you in today’s rapidly evolving communications environment. Shift your organization into the next gear by scheduling a consultation.

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